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External Stakeholders


  • E***N B***I
    Asst. Prof., İstanbul Aydın University Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations and Publicity
  • A***E A***N
    Public Relations Specialist, Press Agent
  • N***I T*****L Y*****L
    Co-founder and Manager (NATUS İletişim)
  • G****N Y****Z İ***L
    3D İletişim, Head of Agency
  • E***H D*****A
    marqistanbul, Head of Agency
  • E***N K***N Ö******R
    Tohum Autism Foundation, Corporate Communication Coordinator
  • N***N K******U
    Asst. Prof., Fenerbahçe University, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Department of Political Science and International Relations / Head of İstanbul Political and Social Research Association
  • F***N A***L
    Asst. Prof., Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations and Publicity
  • D***U K***N T*****N
    Asst. Prof., Altınbaş University,  School of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema
  • N**İ S***Y T****R
    TRT Sport Reporter / İzmir
  • Y***F Z***A A**
    Lecturer, İstanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalis
  • F***A N**R E*****N
    Haliç University, Department of Public Relations and Publicity, Grad Student, 2020-2021


  • Doç. Dr. A**A C**N K****Z
    Academician, İstanbul Kent University and Sector Brand Consultant
  • Doç. Dr. H***N L**K
    Academician, Karabük University
  • Doç. Dr. A**İ K****N
    Trakya University, Department of Business Administration
  • Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Z*****A E**E E***L
    İstanbul University, Department of Business Administration
  • M****A D***N
    MUSİAD (Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association), Director of Corporate Communication and Relations
  • G****N Ö*****R
    KALDER (Association of Quality) Member and Chairman of the Executive Board (last period) 
  • E***N T****Y
    İSTOÇ Manager of Technical Support (İBB)
  • S***H A****Y
    AYDEM Group Director of Energy Investment Relations
  • S*****N M***Z
    Wisdom Lab, Advisor and Director of Business Development
  • S***N Ş****N
    Grad Student Representative


  • B***İ K*****P
    Digital Marketing Advisor, İTU SEED ve TOG Manager
  • O****N A***Y
    Hayat Holding Secretary General
  • G****İ B********E
    Director of International Tax and Rating - Deloitte
  • H***N D***R
    Republic of Türkiye, Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Revenue
    Administration, Revenue Specialist

  • E******L K******A
    Academician, METU, Department of Business Administration
  • S****N Y***********I
    General Manager  - Coloplast
  • E*E Ç******R
    Senior Finance Leader - Business Strategy, FP&A, FRM, Basel Standards Reporting
  • D***A A***Ğ
    Ernst&Young, Experienced Tax Auditor and Incentive Services Assistant, Grad Student of Haliç University Department of Business Administration (English)
  • S**İ S****N Ç********İ
    Otomotor İş Otomotiv, Managing Partner
  • O***N Ç*******U
    Founder of Stoika Consulting, Co-Founder of Tanuki Social Benefits ve Innovation Consultancy
  • B******N A***R
    HR Director, Darüşşafaka Society


  • C***N Ç****R
    Grad Student, Haliç University, Department of Business Informaton Systems, 2015-2016
  • Dr. E**F K****L
    TBD İstanbul, Member of Board
  • Dr. S***T K**A
    IT Director (Ekoccs)
  • S****M O*******N
    Collection & Billing Operations Specialist (Vodafone)
  • Z**İ Ö**N
    Asst. Prof., İstanbul University
  • O**N S****N
    Software Specialist (Akbank)
  • E***H S***R
    Senior Data Analytics Manager (Bilkom - Koç Holding)
  • Y***F Ş*********N
    Operation Manager (Veriskop)
  • S****R Ş*****T
    Training Director (NEBİM)
  • Ş****E T******N
    Senior Traning Specialist (NEBİM)


  • Prof. Dr. A****T K****S
    Ambassador of Turkey in Senegal
  • Prof. Dr. A***E T****L F****Ş
    Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, Professor
  • H***N A***I
    Counsellor, Ambassador of Turkey in Warsaw
  • E****N Ç****K
    Yeni Şafak, Internet Editor in Chief
  • İ****M K****L
    Yeni Şafak, Executive Editor
  • İ****L Ö****
    Journalist, Sociologist, Historian
  • M****T A****İ G****R
    Cumhuriyet Newspaper Columnist, Foreign Policy Specialist, Editor
  • M****T Ş****N
    Grad Student
  • U****Ç Ö****R
    Retired Diplomat
  • Y***Z C***N Ö***
    Grad Student
  • Y***F A*****A


  • M****A Ç***R
    Still Arser A.Ş General Manager, Arkas Lojistik A.Ş Former General Manager
  • M****T S***I S****I
    Bahçeşehir University, Director of Vocational School, Department of Administration and Organization, Asst. Prof.
  • K*****Z U****Y
    Beykent University, Vocational School, Head of Radio, Television Department, Emeritus Professor
  • A****T T***K S**A T****N
    Haliç University, Department of International Trade and Business, Part-Time Lecturer 
  • S*****N Ç*******U
    İstanbul Apperal Exporters’ Associasion Educational Foundation, Secretary General
  • İ****N B*******U
    İstanbul AHL. Industrial Zone ve Tuzla Industrial Zone Manager / Desbaş Former General Manager
  • M****T L****İ
    LLC, Head of Agency
  • K****A O******U
    Orko Holding Member of Board
  • Ö**R S******İ
    Haliç University, Department of International Trade and Business, Grad Student, 2017
    (Sivteks Textile A.Ş., Member of Board of Marketing)

  • M**T P**R
    Haliç University, Department of International Trade and Business, Grad Student, 2018
    (Erciyes Household Electrical Appliances, Member of Board)