About the Faculty



Established in 1998 as Business Administration (Turkish), Business Administration (English) and Tourism Management, our Faculty started its educational activities in the academic year 1998-1999. We started our academic life with these three programs in our first year. "International Trade and Business Administration" program was established in 2005, and "Public Relations and Publicity" and "Business Informatics" programs were established in 2008. In 2011, "Political Science and International Relations" program was added to the existing programs. Business Informatics at our faculty turned into Management Information Systems in 2020 and started its academic life with English as its language of education. The International Trade and Business Administration program also continues its educational activities by turning the language of education into English in the same year.     

Having hosted its first students at the Şişhane Campus and produced its first graduates in the 2001-2002 academic year, our faculty moved to 5th  Levent Campus as of February 2022.


  • Trustworthiness
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Universality
  • Questioning
  • Sharing
  • Libertarian

The undergraduate programs within our faculty are as follows:

Public Relations and Publicity

Business Administration (Turkish)

Business Administration (English)

Management Information Systems (English)

Political Science and International Relations

Tourism Management

International Trade and Business Administration (English)

The graduate programs within our faculty are as follows:

Master's Degree

Hospital and Health Institutions Management Program (With/Without Thesis)  

Business Administration Program (With/Without Thesis)

Business Administration Program (English) (With/Without Thesis)  

Accounting and Auditing Program (With/Without Thesis)  

Accounting and Finance Program (Without Thesis)  

Tourism Management Program (With/Without Thesis)  

International Trade and Business Administration Program (With/Without Thesis)

International Business Administration Program (English) (With/Without Thesis)  

Management Information Systems Program (With/Without Thesis)


Business Administration Program